How would You like to Generate more Phone Calls

and Scheduled Appointments on Auto-Pilot?

If you don’t have a “Mobile-Friendly-Website”, you’re missing
out from the thousands of local smart phone users that are
searching for your services and who easily take action with a push
of a button by calling you and scheduling appointments.

Before and After
Take a look at the regular website on the left compared to the “Mobile-Friendly-Website” (aka Mobi Site)
on the right, and how it displays on a smartphone/mobile device such as an iphone, android or Blackberry

Greg Kurtzman DDS Mobi SiteWhich Website would you like your potential and
current patients to see on their Smart Phone?

5 Reasons why to have a “Mobile-Friendly-Website” for Your
Dental Practice that is properly formatted for Mobile Devices.

1. A Mobile-Friendly-Website Loads Faster: A Mobile-Friendly-Website (aka Mobi Site) loads up to 6 times faster
than a traditional site on a Mobile Device. Speed matters and is very important as people are impatient today.
A Mobi Site that loads faster can result in visitors having a great experience and more likely to return again because
they are able to quickly access the “call to action” information they are looking for with a touch of a button.
computing is moving onto mobile larry page google founder and ceo stated in new york times august 2011

2. Explosion of Smart Phone Users: In August of 2011, the New York Times reported thatGoogle Founder
and CEO, Larry Page stated that “Computing is moving onto mobile.” Mobi Thinking mobile statistics state that
there are now over 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide. This also means that mobile users nearly outnumber
computer users 5 to 1 and the gap is widening every day.

3. Mobile Users are Searching the Mobile Web: 95% of all people with a smartphone have used their mobile device
for a local search, according to Mobile Movement Study held by Google. This means that millions of
people are now using the mobile web anytime, anywhere to search.

2 females searching on a mobile device or smart phone

4. Mobile Users Take Action: The Mobile Movement study by Google revealed after a mobile user conducts
a local search, that 77% contacted the business they found by calling and/or visiting and 44% made a purchase,
after contact. Clearly, this illustrates that people are searching the mobile web with their
mobile device and most importantly, they are taking action

5. Improve Search Rankings and Traffic: By being positioned on the Mobile Web and receiving Mobile traffic
to your Mobi Site, you can improve your overall search ranking with Googleand the other search engines
like Yahoo and Bing. More traffic can mean more people that take action by calling and visiting your office.


3 Reasons Why Your Current Dental Website is NOT
Attracting as many new patients as you would like

1. Your website doesn’t meet the needs of the patients who are mobile
2. You’re spending money without receiving measurable results
3. You’re not located where patients are searching online

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